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The Ted Rogers International Exchange Network (TRIEN) aims to enhance intercultural communication within TRSM by connecting both incoming international and exchange students with current TRSM students through the buddy system and exclusive events.


The TRIEN Program will be converted into an 8-month (September 2023 - April 2024) mentorship program for both international and exchange students. Its purpose is to provide first-year international students and exchange program members the opportunity to transition into the global community of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University and the Ted Rogers School of Management.


TRIEN program participants will be offered a range of exciting opportunities, including being paired with an upper-year Buddy who will be a guide during their transition into TRSM. As members of TRIEN, they will have the chance to participate in awesome events and socials and expand their network by connecting with many new people.

"Being a part of such an amazing network was very fruitful for me as it allowed me to learn so much about our international students and what they go through. As an international student myself, it was a great opportunity to help out and share what I had gone through to others so that they could benefit"

Ziyaan Janmohamed



TRIEN 2022-2023 Highlights 

Get in Touch

All questions or concerns can be emailed to


Ted Rogers International & Exchange Program Manager, Jure Yoloye and Ted Rogers International & Exchange Program Coordinator, Nadia Foisy at

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