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Student competitions are a key component of student life and learning at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) and Toronto Metropolitan University.


Competitions allow TRSM students to experience "real-world" business challenges in competitive environments while presenting to industry leaders. Students who participate in conferences and competitions have a richer educational experience overall; the training, collaboration, and competition experience are all important learning opportunities that prepare TRSM students to compete in the business world post-graduation.

TRSS Conference and Competitions Committee works to encourage students to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities by tackling financial barriers students might face when attending these Internal/external conferences. 

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CCC Application Criteria


Must be a Full-Time Undergraduate Student

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Make sure to check out the Application Guide to ensure your application aligns with the metrics. 

Below are some Internal Conferences that happen yearly at Ted Rogers School of Management:

Make sure to submit your deliverables within 7 business days of your conference. 

Upcoming Opportunities

CCC Testimonials

Adam Lee Him

Sales Enablement Summit

“The sales enablement summit was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, being 1 of only seven students to attend the conference. I was privileged to make so many meaningful connections, hear from some of the industry's brightest on enablement, scaling sales functions, empowering teams, and much more. The knowledge that can take a sales team from being one of the best to becoming THE BEST 🏆.”

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  • What do I have to do prior to submitting my CCC application?
    Attend a CC 101 Session in the past 2 years. Complete the quiz with a passing grade of 80%. Submit your application through this link. IMPORTANT NOTE: The CCC committee will not review any applications submitted within 14 business days of the conference start date.
  • What are CC 101 Sessions?
    The CC 101 session is a preliminary step before being eligible to apply for CCC (Conference and Competitions Committee) it is mandatory for all students who wish to apply for CCC as you're representing TRSM and it's important to learn both case competition etiquette and case competition knowledge. Please note that you only need to attend a CC 101 session once in 2 years and have passed the quiz to be eligible to apply. Please ensure you've attended a CC 101 session and completed the relative quiz BEFORE applying for CC Funding.
  • What is the reimbursement process?
    After the conference delegate has to use the following link fill out the Payee information section and attach it with all the original receipts/invoices and submit it in this google form.
  • How do I get fully reimbursed? What documents do I need to submit?
    In order to be fully reimbursed, an updated budget with actual dollars spent will be required along with original receipts. The student should maintain a copy of the receipts for their records. All receipts must be submitted within 7 business days of the expense being incurred or 7 business days from the Event (whichever occurs later). A completed Cheque Requisition form outlining the details of the expense incurred must accompany original receipts. Please note that TMU reimbursement forms will be filled by the CC Committee no action is required from delegates in this regard. however, students are responsible for providing the CC Committee with their original receipts. In addition, any delays caused due to the negligence of the delegate shall face a reduction or denial in funding/reimbursement. For more information read The CCC Guidebook.
  • What are the limitations on my reimbursements?
    Gas expenses cannot be reimbursed. No Alcohol or Cannabis purchases can be reimbursed. You shall select the most cost-effective option. e.g. Business class flight tickets will not be reimbursed. The CCC Committee will have the authority to determine what defines a reasonable expense as it relates to TRSS activities and in accordance with University policies. Hospitality reimbursements will be reviewed and approved by the CCC Committee. Cheque requisitions for USD or any foreign currency must be filled in CAD based on the amount you were originally charged by your bank and require a bank statement to confirm the exact amount paid.
  • Can I use any gift cards frequent traveller points or credit card cash backs for any of my conference purchases?
    No. However, you may use coupon codes/vouchers to lower the total cost of your conference.
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