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TRSS Student Group Funding

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Board Funding

In the case where a funding request exceeds $9,999.99, the request must be brought back to the Board of Directors. The TRSS Board of Directors reserves the right to entertain any funding request they feel necessary.

Calculator and Finances

CHIT Funding

Cheque Requisition Form

A cheque requisition is filed to receive reimbursement for expenses paid on behalf of your affiliated group

(i.e. course union, interest group, etc)

How to fill in the Cheque requisition form:

  1. Download the Cheque Requisition form below

  2. Download the Cheque Requisition Approval form

  3. Fill in both forms (refer to the step-by-step guide below for an example)

Submitting a Cheque Requisition Form

Please complete the Google form to submit your Cheque Requisition. You will need the following forms:

  1. Cheque Requisition form

  2. Cheque Requisition Approval form

Please refer to the step-by-step guide for an example.

Sponsorship Information Form

Intended for Student Groups that have secured a sponsorship with an external organization.


Please submit all requests in the Google Form below. A sponsorship agreement and invoice will be sent to your sponsor/contact directly and you will receive confirmation that it’s been sent. Internal transfers do not require a TMU Invoice, a Student Group invoice is sufficient.


Please note: This form is only for sponsorships below $5000. If your sponsorship is over $5000 please reach out to the TRSM Student Engagement Team at and Manav Muthreja at, directly.

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