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Step 1:

Attend a Conferences and Competitions 101 Session

Attend a Conference 101 Session within the past 2 years.

Please note: Conference 101 Sessions have concluded for the Fall 2022 year.

If you cannot attend a Conference 101 Session or Sessions have ended for the term proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

Complete the Conferences and Competitions 101 Quiz.

Complete the Quiz using the link below. Additionally, you can view information about Conferences and Competitions using the presentation also linked below.

Step 3:

Apply for Conferences and Competitions Funding

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, apply for Conferences and Competitions Funding using the form linked below. Please apply well ahead of the time of your conferences and competition. You will need to submit information on your event and also how much it may cost.

CCC Funding Structure 

The Conferences and Competition Committee offers up to 100% funding ($1000 limit) for External Competitions. and 

up to %50 up to $300 and %25 for above $300 for Internal Competitions. 

  • Internal Fundings are Granted under following conditions:

  1. Original decision 

  2. Same for external, fund up to %25 up to $300, %50 for over $300

  3. If first time taking part in a conference, or first time applying to CCC, you can be funded up to %50


Sales Enablement Summit

Adam Lee Him

“The sales enablement summit was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, being 1 of only seven students to attend the conference. I was privileged to make so many meaningful connections, hear from some of the industry's brightest on enablement, scaling sales functions, empowering teams, and much more. The knowledge that can take a sales team from being one of the best to becoming THE BEST🏆.”

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Contingencies and all relevant items will be briefed to successful applicants after the interview.Please use the email below if you have any

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